Saturday, June 30, 2012

Styled - Sigmar Polke Inspired Bedroom

This week I can't get enough of Sigmar Polke's Untitled (Lens Painting), 2008. It is so brave and bright and free - I need more of that in my creative life right now. It is such a huge challenge for me to break out of lines and structure I set up in my own two-dimensional spaces. It's really a discipline for me to be wild.

This bright bedroom jumps off of Polke's gorgeous painting and embraces a bold summer palette that feels really fresh. I'm pretty crazy about it!

1. Sigmar Polke, Untitled (Lens Painting), 2008
2. Coco Bead Winter White Hanging Chandelier, Weylandts
3. Scott Albrecht Print 3 (Today, Tomorrow, and Every Day that Follows) by Scott Albrecht via Little Paper Planes
4. Diamond Hanging Planter by RawDezign on Etsy
5. Ibiza Four Poster Bed, Weylandts
6.Aqua Fade Bowl Set, by Up in the Air Somewhere on Etsy
7. Crinkled Stripe Throw, Anthropologie
8. Turquoise + Cherry Alberta Table Lamp, Caravan Pacific



Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pillows in Action!

This week, my friend Rachael borrowed my pillows to use in an adorable gender reveal photo shoot. I am beyond thrilled with how sweet the pillows look in the scene that Rachael set!

(Did you notice the newcomers? The Tassel Pillows! See them herehere, and here)

Its a girl. :)

You really must see all of Rachael's images from the day, here. She does amazing work! Thanks again, Rachael! 



Sunday, June 3, 2012

Loving this week: Navy Patterns

Tonight as I was perusing Pinterest, I noticed a strong theme on my boards: patterns. Navy patterns.

Not even my recipe board or inspiration board is immune! I'm thinking navy needs to have more of a presence in our home. Our living room has looked the same for all of the 7 years we have lived here, and its looking a little tired. A little navy pattern just might do the trick. 
Happy Sunday evening, everyone. 




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