Friday, June 3, 2011

About BrightJuly

Welcome to BrightJuly!

BrightJuly is a design company inspired by new life, warm days, short nights, sweetness and South African flavor. Everything made under the BrightJuly label was created with love in a moment of creative enthusiasm. It was also made to help pave the way to our family - as all the proceeds from sales help support our international sibling adoption. 

I'm Caitlin. Its a pleasure to meet you!Here are some things I like: 

Mugs of sweet, milky black tea
The Ocean in all its forms
Meaningful conversation
Running and the peace it brings
Traveling, the further the better
Ice Cream
Books that change my mind
My husband, Jeremy
Our two lovable pups
and every art supply store I have ever been to.

Here you will find inspiration, project ideas, behind-the-scenes details on how BrightJuly items are made, and musings about life and family. 

Also visit BrightJuly's Shop and my Art Website.


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