Friday, May 25, 2012

New to Bright July: Pillows! (And Bonus Newborn Cuteness)

I just listed some new pillows to BrightJuly. I'm so excited to share them with you.

So without further ado, here they are. The dinosaurs, Stevie the Stegosaurus and Trevor the Triceratops:

The Rhinoceros and Elephant duo, Reese and Elliot

The Striped Sensations, Ike the Impala and Eleanor the Elephant

And the solo artist, Ringo the Rhinoceros

Also this week, my friend Rachael posted the amazing newborn photos that she took of my most favorite baby ever, Elmarie's son, Jett! (I just realized as I typed that, that I never told you he was born? It was exactly one month ago today that he entered our lives.) Anyway, Elmarie's baby shower gift from me was an Elephant pillow for his nursery. I also made him an initial "B" pillow (the initial of his last name). The pillows were featured in some of the photos! See the whole lot here - and prepare to die from the overload of cuteness. 

It feels so good to be making things. 




  1. these are so great! i wish you much success with your creativity :) also, i think i am going to do a few features of all my creative friends soon...mind if i include you?

    1. Thanks so much Shannon! I would absolutely love that! Thanks for thinking of me.



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