Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Etsy Round Up - Fresh Geometrics for Fall

Say hello to a new series on Bright July - Etsy Round-Up! Etsy is packed with amazing things from all over the globe. Since I'm always on Etsy anyway (!), I thought I'd share some favorites with you. This week's round up is full of geometric beauties for this fall. 

Clockwise from Top Left:
Air Plant Terrarium Pod by JechoryGlassDesigns on Etsy
Glam Tribal Tourmaline Friendship Bracelet by LemonStreetJewelry on Etsy
Geometric Wood Candlesticks by UrbanAnalog on Etsy
Geometric Leather Triple Chevron Necklace by ShopRareBird on Etsy
Geometric Illusion Printed Leather Pouch by Coriumi on Etsy
Silver Stud Earrings by HookandMatter on Etsy

These amazing items share an Etsy treasury with even more great things. Check it out here- Treasury: Fresh Geometrics for Fall.



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