Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

{Our seventh Christmas tree together - maybe one day we'll have room enough for a tree that properly fits our star - !}

Happy Christmas Eve, friends!

I hope this is a day (and week) of rest and rejuvenation for you - even better if it coincides with spending time with the people you love most. We plan to attend our Church's Christmas Eve service tonight, and spend most of tomorrow with my family. Very peaceful and low key - my favorite kind of holiday.

I'm signing off for the rest of the week to be with my very favorite people. I'll see you all after Christmas!




  1. I love your oversized star!! We are in the hunt for a new one...our old one had lit up from the inside but they burned out with no way of replacing them.

    1. Ha! Thanks! I bought it on clearance at Pottery Barn about 7 years ago. It makes me laugh every year because it highlights the fact that our Christmas trees are always so mini.



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