Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Baby Shower: In the Making, Part 2 - Invitations

Invitation Station, also known as my kitchen table. 

We made the invitations out of blank cards I had left over from my wedding. We printed photos from the shoot, cut tiny triangles out of paint chips and glued them on the front and inside at random. The words inside were handwritten and stamped. Every one was just a little bit different, which I love.

 Also, there were Oreos. Double love.

Glenys and I definitely took our fair share of paint chips from Home Depot for this baby shower. We had many laughs over the fact that even though they are free, it still feels wrong to take the entire stack in a single color - so we usually left one (!). You know, we're thoughtful like that.

Our purses were overflowing with chips after every Home Depot raid - we had major plans for those chips. Photo evidence to follow.

So worth it. 



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