Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Peru Chapter One - Lima

I'm freshly back from an indescribably amazing trip to Peru, shared with one of my closest friends, who I call my sister - Glenys. I thought I'd like the adventure, the hiking, the mountains. I thought there was a good chance I'd enjoy the city, maybe a little shopping, perhaps some good food.

I could never have predicted how completely captivated I'd be with Peru.

I had no way to know that I'd love every single piece of it. The city, the country, the mountains - the people, the food, the flavor - all of it. (Okay, maybe not all of it - who loves a 21 hour bus ride or a ululating woman selling bus tickets when exhausted or missing showering for 3 days? Some people, I'm sure. Still, it was SO worth it.)

I took way too many photos to share at once, so I thought I'd break it up. Here's Chapter One - Lima.

{Museo Larco, Lima}

{amazing Inca jewelry}
{No, its not a pig - its a Peruvian Hairless Dog!}

If you ever find yourself in Lima, I definitely recommend this place. Its rated the number one attraction in Lima on TripAdvisor, and for good reason. Its beautiful, interesting, and informative - chocked full of fascinating 5,000 year old Incan artifacts. And the erotic gallery is certainly interesting! We really enjoyed our morning here.

Next, we took to the city. The oldest part of Lima is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

{this was entirely the officer's idea!}

{San Francisco Monastery, an amazing church including Catacombs with the remains of 25,000 people inside! Bones arranged in disturbingly perfect circles to prove it}
{te con leche, yes please}

{amazing steak dinners in our neighborhood, Miraflores}

Our first day in Lima did not disappoint. We stayed in Miraflores, an upscale-yet-touristy part of town in a cozy hotel we found for a relative steal on TripAdvisor. We collapsed into bed late that night, exhausted and happy. 

And it was only the beginning! 

Another Peru post tomorrow. 



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