Thursday, November 1, 2012

Peru, Chapter Two - Miraflores, Lima, and onward to Cusco

Our second day in Peru was spent getting to know our neighborhood, Miraflores. Its a very nice part of town, really. Though certainly not for the "cultural tourist", as it is sparkling clean, packed with fancy hotels and chain restaurants. 
We loved it anyway. 

{The view from Larco Mar}

{Driving on the beach. Don't even worry about it.}
{The Endless Kiss at Parque del Amor}

{Thank you, self timer mode for this shot!}

{We kicked ourselves for not buying more of these blankets. Imagine our heartbreak when we planned to buy them unsuccessfully in other cities, later on? First world problems, people. It was quite sad.}
{Spoiler alert: these amazing hats may or may not be your Christmas present from us...}

Later that afternoon, we caught the Cruz del Sur overnight bus from Lima to Cusco. The Cruzero Suite service is actually pretty great - the seats are more like plush recliners, so its much more comfortable than a flight of the same duration. However, unfortunately for us, the road became a series of tight hairpin turns right as we decided to sleep, so our heads were jerking back and forth all night, making sleeping next to impossible. At least we had traditional Peruvian Karaoke to keep us entertained (!)

The sunset out of the bus window was truly spectacular, though. Not a word of complaint about that. 

Can't wait to introduce you to Cusco - check back tomorrow! 





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