Thursday, November 8, 2012

Peru Chapter 4 - Inca Trail, Day Three

Day Three on the Inca Trail was a great day. 

Its nowhere near as difficult as day two, being that the trail is mostly "Inca Flat" (read - moderate ups and downs, not flat. Not flat at all.) You also only hike until lunch, and then have an opportunity to take a refreshing (freezing!) cold shower and visit Wiñay Wayna - a breathtakingly beautiful Inca site. I'm very glad to have had the chance to see it, and since it is primarily visited by people hiking the Inca Trail, its not particularly busy. 

The weather started out cloudy and drizzly, but broke out into a warm, mild day. 


 {Do you see why I love them?}
{Miss you, sexy puma ponchitos!}
{Wiñay Wayna}
{Getting to know the locals}

Next up: Machu Picchu! 



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