Friday, November 2, 2012

Peru, Chapter 3 - Cusco

Our first view of Cusco came after many hours on windy, mountainous roads, and it was a sight to see. 

{Our amazing Oasis in Cusco, Ninos Hotel}

{power meal at our Hotel's Restaurant before our hike}

When you first happen upon Cusco, it doesn't look like much. The outskirts of town are dusty, rural, monochromatic. Surrounded by rich valleys and stunning snow-capped mountains, the city by contrast seems dull - a tangled mess of clay rooves, crumbling walls, and dusty roads. 

Don't be fooled. 

The city is a jewel. Its rich and vibrant, full of gorgeous architecture, brightly painted doors, smooth cobblestone streets, friendly people. Sure, many of them are trying to sell you a tour or a massage or a llama hat. But they are friendly. 

We had only one afternoon and evening in Cusco before our hike began the next day, at 4:30 am (!). The next time we saw Cusco, it was a completely different experience - we had an amazing group of new friends to enjoy it with. 

We both agreed, Cusco was one of our favorite places. 

Next up, the Inca Trail Hike! 



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