Thursday, November 15, 2012

Etsy Round-Up - Thanksgiving Table Inspiration

This week I'm back on track with Etsy Round Up, totally inspired by the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday. All of these finds would be perfect to set a modern, classic table. 

Clockwise from Top Left:

Thanksgiving Banner by stephlovesben
Set of 4 Silver Plated Napkin Rings by MaisonMaudie
5x5 Inch Open Edition Photograph by Walter Helena Photography
Tablecloth with Graphic Pattern by Dreamzzzzz
Fields of Gold Photograph by Inmost Light
Gold Wishbone Necklace by PetiteCo

Such gorgeous things! Since I'm a guest at Thanksgiving this year and not the host, I don't have my own table to set. Either way, I'm very tempted by all of them.

How are you preparing for Thanksgiving?




  1. Thanks for using my silver plate napkin rings in your feature, you have made them look great with the other items!

  2. My pleasure, I think they are gorgeous!



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