Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Peru, Chapter 4 - Inca Trail, Day Two

Day Two on the Inca trail is a tough day. 

Its a long day of steep ups and downs. Each section has its own challenges, and its certainly not easy. Thankfully, the scenery is so beautiful, its hard to focus on the physical challenge for too long. 

{Good morning Coca Tea}

{This part of the trail is amazing - lush, green, and shaded.}

{Llamas! Our first llama encounter was halfway up Dead Woman's Pass. We might have been a bit too excited about them}
{Baby Llamas!}
{Halfway there!}

{Almost to the top of Dead Woman's Pass. Right at the base of those two mountains is the halfway point}
{at the top of Dead Woman's Pass! Waiting for the rest of the group}

{I love this girl.}
{After Dead Woman's Pass, we hiked down another 2 hours or so to lunch. And then after that, another steep uphill climb began.}

{Our Day 2 Campsite, from afar}

At the end of this day, we were all exhausted - but so proud of ourselves for conquering the trail. By the time happy hour was over, our campsite was shrouded in thick cloud - making the perfect eerie setting for Ruben's ghost stories. Lots of laughing and joking and storytelling happened on this night. 

It was amazing. 

One more day of hiking before we arrived at Machu Picchu! And it was another gorgeous day. 



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