Saturday, January 19, 2013

Etsy Email Feature!

Look what happened yesterday morning! 

My Carpe Noctem pillow was featured in the daily Etsy Finds email!

I am totally shocked and thrilled to be featured, particularly in the top left hand corner! Am I dreaming?! Someone pinch me!
Usually I open the Etsy Finds email every day and check over it to see all the beautiful things being featured. Yesterday I went out for a run early, and since I had a lofty sewing goal to achieve, I didn't check it until dinner last night with Jeremy. A few hours before dinner, I was printing a shipping label for an Etsy customer and noticed that my Etsy activity seemed really busy. When I checked the stats, it read that I had over 1,200 views - in just one day! By dinner, it was up to 1,400. It seemed very strange to me, until I opened the email and my jaw hit the floor.

So last night's date night was full of with conversation about vision for this Etsy shop of mine, and toasting to the day's success. In the end, I had over 1,511 views and 363 favorites yesterday. And its really just as well I have lots of new pillows on the way - because I intend to do my best to keep this ball rolling!




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