Monday, January 14, 2013

Styled - Inspiration for my Boy!

This week, I couldn't resist styling up my own little boy's* room. We had a very helpful and productive phone call with our adoption agency worker last week (!!!), and as a result the thrill of meeting him re-settled into my soul. Its a very good feeling to let myself be happy about it, instead of putting it out of my mind all the time. So I've channelled my energy into planning his room! I've been envisioning a quirky African inspired space for him - but something he can grow into. I think this room is on to something. 

1. Robbie the Large Rhino Trophy by Cardboard Safari
2. Cheetah Print by Berkley Illustration (already purchased! Yes!)
3. Z-A Print by Jaco Haasbroek via Africandy
6. Oak Park Elementary Nightstand from Land of Nod
7. Kite Kilim Floor Pouf from West Elm
8. Crossed Flokati Round Rug from Anthropologie
9. Piper Twin Bed from Room and Board



*Please don't be confused by the fact that I go back and forth talking about my son singular and my sons plural. Since its much more likely that we'll end up being referred to one boy, I decided to talk about him that way for now. We'll just have to wait and see!

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